Clutch Bags Online – Five ways to get more from your clutch bags.

Hello! My name is Miranda and I love clutch bags! I really do. And being a clutch lover and a woman who loves to wear them since a lot of time, I’d like to tell you my fashion advice about how, why, when and when not wearing them. I think you should read this before you find and buy a clutch bag online. I hope this will be useful for any woman who is considering to integrate them into her style.

1- Clutches are for occasions

Remember this:a clutch is not a bag. And since you are using a clutch, you must consider that you are not going to have as much space to carry all the stuff you’re used to. Then there are two main details you must consider: you should use a clutch just for situations where you are not going to need any of the stuff you are used to carrying inside your bag, and second: you should carry only essential stuff and nothing more. You should consider a clutch as an accessory and almost nothing more. And the smaller is the clutch the more this rule applies.


2- When you should not use clutches

Gold clutch bagThis is a gold rule: Use brilliant and metallic clutches JUST for evening-night. OK, those shiny, metallic or crystals covered clutches are so very beautiful that it is very easy to think that they are going to decorate your outfit at day as neatly as they do at night, but, believe me, this is not true at all! Using them at day is nothing more than a big mistake. This is nothing more than a bad taste decision. Remember: If it’s covered in crystals or shiny metal, then it’s more suited for nighttime, OK?

3- Take care of your clutch!

There is a simple, yet widely spread trouble. When you are using a clutch it is so very easy to forget it at any place that it scares me! This is a trouble that no one will notice until they have used a clutch and lose it. The reason is this: you are so very used to use a bigger bag, than it is very useful to forget you were using a smaller thing to carry your stuff today! And then, a certain moment could come along the day when unavoidably will ask yourself: Where is my CLUTCH? The best solution is this: use that clutch without anything valuable inside. Remember: it is only an accessory for a short period, and it can get lost very easily. Another one? Use a strap attached to your clutch. As long as it is hanging from your shoulder, you’ll not lose it!


4- How do I use them in good taste?


Clutch and black dressThe same way glitter and shiny bags look very well at night and no colorful one could be used for a dinner or for going to movies or theater, the opposite applies for day. You know by now that glitter and shiny ones would see out-of-place by day, now the opposite is almost true, with some exceptions. You must avoid at all to use shiny purses at day, but you can use a colorful one at night if you follow this rule: it should be just one color and it would be the same that of your dress and shoes. Don’t try to choose a different color than the one in your outfit. Any difference would be noticed and you could seem to have little taste. OK, you’re not going to satisfy generally accepted aesthetic standards each time you go out, but it is not a bad idea to remember these rules when it is a special occasion.

5 – This is a very good way to use them

Let’s face this: most clutch bags are very tiny. You couldn’t carry into all that stuff you are used to with bigger bags. This makes somewhat uncomfortable to carry just one clutch when you go out to work, shopping or any other day-clutch and bag onlineby-day situation. You know that is not possible to carry everything into it, so what you could do is to use it as a wallet or as a little bag for the essentials and carry it inside your bag. Get into it your most needed things and then, each time you are running to the grocery or go the bathroom at your work, you can grab the purse and have everything you need. Don’t forget to carry inside part of your cash in order to buy cheap things and the rest can be inside your bag.


Maybe these are mainly personal considerations but what I am trying to do is to help you avoid the mistakes I made while I learned the best way to use a clutch. Here you have my best advice on using clutches and how you can get the best from them. I hope you would find something useful and you can enjoy using these beautiful complement to your outfit.

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